God's Ugly Teeth

by Anthony Presti

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released December 7, 2012



all rights reserved


Anthony Presti San Francisco, California

Indie alt-rock singer/songwriter Anthony Presti grew up in Seattle where an explosive alternative and grunge rock scene was thriving. He moved continuously until his teenage years, when he moved to the more rural setting of Sonoma County. Presti didn’t abandon his grunge roots as he joined a band, playing Nirvana covers. The band dismembered and Presti discovered his affinity for acoustic guitar. ... more


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Track Name: Indifference
I waved to you as you boarded the ship
We shouted back our last goodbyes
The yellow sky let the blue clouds slip
behind the curtain of the blackened tide

I let your eyes cry for the last time
your smile was buries next to mine
and we chose the easy way out

Rippled water kissed dirty white
as the motor roared and ripped through the night
Spouting eyes grew a distance further
Indifference murmured without a fight


Crippled romance sailed far apart
through silent waters and empty arms
Never again did our souls collide
We lived our lives on different country sides
Track Name: Swipe
I wanna be a family man
with a place to call my own
I want a wife and child that
will love me when I'm home

I wanna stay away from me
I wanna be the best I can
but I'm troubled by the way I see
Addicted to beauty

So hail the queen
That I want to meet
Drown part of me
and I'll swipe you off your feet

I wanna be a family man
with a daughter of my own
I wanna see a small face of me
starring at my own

So please don't stay away from me
My integrity has shown
Believe me when I say that she
will be the only stitch I've sewn

So hail the queen
that I'm going to meet
Drown part of me
and I'll swipe you off your feet
Track Name: Serendipity
I fell in love one time
and then she told me she didn't want anything
to do with me or my mind
I fell in love two times
the second wasn't as bad as the first to unwind
and move on with time

My time seems to be running out
My heart seems to be a broken spout

If I fall in love this time
I will be careful not to let take my mind
it won't be so divine
I'm like a flower bulb
and all my pedals are slowly dropping down
my crooked vine

Though we know that love don't grow on trees
with want the leaves without planting the seeds and all the fees
that come with it
Yeah we know, there's a price to pay to show these ribbons and bows
are hand tied and sewn by landslides and so we fall with them

I fell in love today
I was sure it was different from the other day
cause she smiled at me
and when I asked her name
she told me she only believed in fate
and Serendipity
Track Name: Let's March to the Wizard
Break the rules and watch them unfold again
Don't conform to the lines that don't have any end
Divinity don't last, it's just a hoax
Divinity is a mask for political folks

And they tell us what we already know
That we're not supposed to live free anymore
And mediocre is a poor man's life
So let's all live rich until the day that we die

Break your chains, blow the dust off your brains
Don't be a square but a shape with no angles or names
youth don't last and heaven is just a hoax
Religion is a plan for massive control

And they tell us what we already
that we're not supposed to live free anymore
Mediocre is a poor man's life
while the rich will boast their arrogant strides
They tell us what we already know
that mediocre is a poor man's life
but we don't have any other way to live our lives

So break the rules and watch us unfold again
don't believe in all the lies that we've been fed
Ignorance won't last, we'll reveal the hoax
divinity is the mask that we'll have to remove

Let's march to the wizard and uncover the truth
Track Name: Echoes Pt. One
We can see it all
through the snow
and winter's fall
I can see it all
through the shame
That's made me stall

Yeah the world takes me over
Yeah the world has begun
Now my life is almost over
But I have seen a ton
Track Name: Beautiful World
If morning's for the birds
then love is for the wake
It leaves us when we sleep
And passes through the day

Oh, what a beautiful, cruel and fucked up world

If morning holds the truth
Then I'd rather stay asleep
For all the years that I waited
Until the night she came to me
And in that sleepless night
There was a feeling of hopeful fright
That maybe morning would skip
And finally we would win


Still I envision all these pretty things
your pale snowy skin
Colored by the ink that
we were mended by
Our hearts shaved into a shrine
A sculpture made of petty ice
that melted when we said goodbye

If morning's for the birds
Then I'd rather never fly
for I'm not an early riser
but nocturnal through the night
and it's unfortunate for me
but the sun won't ever leave
There's always one guarantee
That the birds will always sing

what a beautiful, cruel and fucked up world
Track Name: The Note
I caused a wave cause I cried too many times
I caused a plague cause I tell too many lies
what I thought I could cover up just can't hide any more
all my emotions have fallen to the floor

All I ever want
is for you to tell me you love me
for who I am instead of what I'm not
so take a look at me
through a different font
and now I'm bold
yet still so cold

I cause this pain when I look in the mirror
I see a face that has forever been seared
I thought I could cover up by hiding in these clothes
yet I feel so naked, starved and exposed


I've seldom been loved so how can I love back?
my life yearns for a word that I may never have
I reach into my pocket and find another note
It says to "never give up" on a note that I wrote